The funding program for this site has two main goals:

Server hosting   
  The scenario editor, especially the part of the code that generates php files, requires programs that are not installable on normal web hosting.
  It is therefore hosted on a VPS, which is a type of private server.
  The money collected is used to pay the hosting and the future update of the server.

Developer's remuneration   
  The number of time spent per editor far exceeds the hundred hours, what remains after the hosting's rent, will be used to pay the time spent on the development of the site.

How is the site funded?

Classic advertising programs
  Small banners will be posted on the site, but we promise that they will never be invasive or blocking for the user.
  Moreover it will always contextual either with the subject of the editor, or with the game universe in general.
  You also have the option to hide the ads for a period of six months by clicking on the "stop displaying adds" link that will always accompany them.

Crypto currency
  A script installed on the page borrows some of the power from your computer's processor to generate crypto currency (For more information on Cryptocurrency and how to generate it, click here and here.
  Unlike advertising revenue, this process generates money as long as you stay connected to the site.
  If you want to disable the mining process, just click on the 'Miner' button just below the language selection.
  It costs you nothing and does not harvest any information about you. The only difference is that your processor will work more and will consume a little more electricity.
  The script used is JSE Coin. This is neither a virus nor a malware.
  The cryptocurrency generated is the JSE, a cryptocurrency that is not yet quoted on the markets.


How to help this site to be funded?

Ad Blockers
Ad blockers (AdBlock, etc ...) prevent the display of banner ads and cryptocurrency mining.
If you have an ad blocker you can disable it only for this site by following the following method for AddBlock: Click on the stop sign icon next to your address bar and click on "do not block on pages of this domain ".
For other ad blockers, refer to the documentation of the plugin.

If you decide to disable your ad blocker, you stay in control of what is displayed and the activation of cryptocurrency mining.
If you decide to leave it activated, we respect your choice and the site remains entirely accessible and free.

Whatever your decision, we thank you for participating in the active life of this site, whether by creating scenarios, playing them, by participating in its improvement and debugging. A huge thank you to everyone. :)